The January 2013 Atlanta Show

Exciting, dizzying, inspirational, hard work and fun – a few of the descriptions that come to mind when I think about the Atlanta show experience.

We had around ten appointments set up. In between them and early in the morning, we stopped at showrooms where we wanted an appointment. In one case we were lucky. In others, we at least made contact with the creative directors. I had taken lots of photos as usual; but on Friday while I was charging my iPhone someone took it. There’s a good lesson there. Don’t take your eyes off your devices.

Today a mild and sunny Sunday finds us in Arlington, Va with our dear friends Irene and Wayne, and I am finishing up this post. Irene should get credit for proof reading each post before it is published.

High School Friends

High School Friends

You may remember that Irene and I have been close friends since our freshman year year at Music and Art High School.

That’s me on the left and Irene is second from the right.

Back then we learned a lot of our art history and drawing skills when we went to the Metropolitan Museum every weekend.

Irene's Ceramics

Irene’s Ceramics

Irene Wittig is one of the most multitalented creative artists I have been privileged to know. In brief she has been a potter whose work was charming and whimsical, a quilter, and a writer.


Wayne's photo of the Bay Bridge

Wayne’s photo of the Bay Bridge

Irene’s husband Wayne Wittig has been developing quite a creative talent himself for abstract visual imagery combining photography and photoshop skills.

We had several new collections that we took to Atlanta. Of these the most popular was the Salty Air Collection.  More than half the companies we saw asked for this.

     Most wanted collection at the show  Crab Shack

Crab Shack
Island Bay

Island Bay

Coral Reef Sea Turtle

Coral Reef Sea Turtle

Sandy Cove Egret

Sandy Cove Egret

Manufacturers of pillows, rugs, wall art, paper product and home decor  were all  interested in this collection. .

Trick or Treat Owl

Trick or Treat Owl

Boo witch hat Halloween design

Boo witch hat Halloween design

We showed our Halloween Cupcake designs and  companies showed interest in our creating garden product designs.. They mentioned that they were especially looking for new designs for spring and garden owls.

 If a company shows interest it is a good thing to follow up with designs as soon as possible – even the next day.

 Doing whimsical designs, as in the cupcake designs, is a new direction for me. I have found that it’s fun  and refreshing to move in a new direction now and then.

It’s always a good thing to do trend spotting at the shows. Here are a few of the things we saw.

Owl clocks, Transpac

Owl clocks, Transpac


OWLS, OWLS, OWL, OWLS AND MORE OWLS………everywhere and in all product categories and seasons.

Don’t necessarily be led by hearsay. A year or so ago I began checking out the owl trend by talking with with gift shop owners, other artists and bloggers. The consensus at that time was that owls had peaked and were heading downhill. Well, wrong. What if they were right? What should you do then? Best thing is to make a decision and stick with it. Even if they were right and you still decided to work on owls collection it wouldn’t be a wasted effort. W hat goes around comes around and you will have your owls ready when next they trend. Just like purple, which was popular ten years ago or so, and is now one of the in colors again.

We were also told by one manufacturer that burlap as a texture is becoming very popular and widely used in all kinds of products. Would you believe in wedding invitations and designs? Nature themes such as birds, aquatic, and land animals are popular.

Elephant by Dean Crouser

Elephant by Dean Crouser

Bold and washy watercolor styles often combined with line work were seen frequently in the home decor showrooms.

There are some really good blog posts on the show and on trends that I will refer you to for more information.

Joan Beriger’s blog on Art Licensing

Be sure to follow Joan’s blog. that way you will receive e mails of each new post as it is published. They are all chock full of good information having to do with all aspects of Art Licensing.

Alex Colombo’s blog , The Moon from my Attic
Alex does a superb job of talking about trends and what she heard and spotted at the show.

Terri Conrad (artist) “Consider it pure joy – after Atlanta

You can see many of Terri’s lovely designs on her post

Savannah Afternoon products

Savannah Afternoon products

Our new spring collection for Burton and Burton was in their Spring Showroom. I did take photos of the display but they are gone with my iphone. Here instead is the catalogue page from their new spring catalogue.

Enough said for now about the Show. As always we return inspired and ready to work on new designs. In addition to the owl product designs we will be working on new Christmas collections.

Thanks for following and visiting our blog. We invite you to become a follower and look forward to your comments. Live each day with laughter and silliness and stay tuned.


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6 responses to “The January 2013 Atlanta Show

  1. Andrea Tachiera

    Great post! I love the picture of you in high school, you are so beautiful! I miss you and would love to talk….any chance that this Sunday would work? I’m so sorry about your phone, what phone number should I call?

    Andrea Tachiera Design Studio (510) 525-3484

    This email and any files attached with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. All attached files are property of Andrea Tachiera and may not be duplicated, copied, or transmitted to any other individual or entity without prior written consent from Andrea Tachiera.

    • i,.
      Thanks for following and I am glad you liked the post and the photo. Imagine 15 years old. All four of us were good friends. The girl next to me was a bit odd and eventually turned everyone away. The girl next to Irene, Carol, died of alcoholism about 5 years ago. I’m so glad I have this photo.

      Sunday would be good. How about a time later in the day. Name it. I am still sleeping a lot from this darn cold bug nuisance.
      Miss you too.
      love andrea

    • Oh and I am finally going to call sprint today and should have my own number back. What a mix up.

  2. I especially love the sea turtle!

    • Thanks Nancy. We will call him Clayton since you like him so much.
      Too long wince we talked. I am still very slowed down by this endless cold which just won’t leave me. It means I sleep a lot and then start working in the afternoon. Let’s plan to talk this week. When will be good for you?
      Love to Bob and C

  3. Pat Lunenfeld

    I love the salty air series… Particularly the sea turtle!!! You do a terrific job of illustrating your words with photos or designs.. So the word for now is”owl”!!!!!I l think owls are beautiful birds and deserve to be immortalized in clocks and such!!!!

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