Working on a new project, Botanical Garden

Surtex is almost a month away.

But creating art continues until the last possible minute. There is nothing like facing a show to inspire creativity and productiveness.

I have been painting new flowers and birds for several weeks. And now I am finished except for painting backgrounds. Then I turn it over to Dennis and we sit in front of the computer and create the new designs. The inspiration this time are antique botanical floral and bird designs. I am doing an updated version working inthe loose watercolor style that I have been developing. I have had many sources of inspiration, including but not all, sumi e painting, Janet Rogers watercolor tutorials and my own way of putting thngs together.

Here are a few of the florals  that I am happy with.

The newest peony

The newest peony

Red Poppies

Red Poppies



Blue Poppies

Blue Poppies

I’ve painted about twelve different flowers. There are a few rejects.

I’ve done a number of birds to go with this style, but only like one so far. I’ll wait before I post it. Always good to wait a few days and then look again.

I thought that the Azaleas had gotten too heavy handed right after I finished painting. Two days later I looked and made a few alterations and thought “hmmmm these are nice,I like them.”

I hope to have at least one of the new designs called “Botanical Garden” to show here soon. In the meantime I have to come to terms with the birds and then a few insects. I’ll include a bee, butterfly and dragonfly. Maybe even a little grass hopper.


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11 responses to “Working on a new project, Botanical Garden

  1. I love the Red Poppies best. A lovely design. Poetic. Inviting. Mystical a bit.

  2. These are beautiful, Andrea, fresh, loose and colorful. These look free and easy, and I know that they were not! I wonder if most people realize how difficult it is to paint like this? I do!!

    • Thanks Andrea. Once I have sweated it out and learned how to do it most of the time it is faster and easier than the way I had been painting.
      But one false move…………..

  3. Pat Lunenfeld.

    Exquisite !!!!!! These florals made me so happy on this dull morning… The peony took my breathe away … So beautiful… The blue poppy … Just lovely… Sent from my iPad

  4. They are all beautiful! But my favourite painting is the peony one! Keep up the great job! 🙂

  5. Norma

    These are gorgeous. I love them.

  6. All beautiful, Andrea! The red poppies are especially rich and compelling! You mention including a bee, butterfly and dragonfly…but no ladybug. Hmm, as my namesake (Joaninha in Portuguese means Ladybug) and unofficial mascot, I’m deeply offended;-)

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