Back from Atlanta July 2013 show

We got back from the Atlanta show this week. Despite all the time I spent making phone calls, I didn’t have much success this time in setting up appointments before the show. At first I was disappointed but it was a good lesson to always look for the up side of things.  I didn’t feel like being gloomy and decided that this would be a different kind of show. The trick is to decide how long you want to spend feeling bad and then stop and switch to a better frame of mind.

This time, I made up our show schedule differently. I did it by floor and marked down the companies on each floor that we wanted to see. Instead of running from floor 18 to floor 6 and then back to 14 we started at 18 and worked our way down, doing a few floors each day.

We were there for three days and met with 12  companies. Five were new companies for us. This was one of our goals.

I hardly took any photos this time. Usually I am clicking that shutter all day long. This time I just wanted to focus on our meetings and on looking as carefully as I could at each showroom.

I did show off my new heron painting and got very good response.

Great Blue Heron watercolor

Great Blue Heron watercolor

We saw herons all over the place which may mean a new trend. We are putting mine into a design at the request of one of our clients who manufactures area rugs. I have been working on a comfortable watercolor style for painting birds and I think I have it now. There are all sorts of birds I want to paint now including  a peacock and flamingo. What fun!

Owls were still all over the place. We saw a lot of designs in black and white. Birds and nature themes still popular. Chevrons.

Sometimes, something old is something new.

Four Clipper Ships

Four Clipper Ships

 This is one of a set of four that Dennis did. They got a lot of interest at the show and would look good on many different products.

We did some networking and had dinner with friends and spent some time with our friend, artist Lucinda Wei.

And we did what we always do: track trends; look carefully at products; see what styles were popular and who the artists were. And this time I got that foot massage that I have been promising myself.

Here’s a recap of the things you will need to do when you get back from a show:

         •Send thank yous to all the manufacturers we met with

• Send out the designs that were requested as jpegs

• Create the new designs that were requested at the show

•Make notes on which companies were looking for what and when

     so that we can keep particular companies in mind when we are doing new designs.

            •Enter new companies and networking in our data base


Up up and away

Up up and away

Unpacking was a bit difficult. The cats were all glad to have us back at home.




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6 responses to “Back from Atlanta July 2013 show

  1. Elizabeth Golz Rush

    Hi Andrea,
    What a nice honest and informative review of your Atlanta trip. Thank you!
    I had to laugh when I scrolled down and saw your heron watercolor (lovely! and your new looser style is sitting well with you) – I’m painting a heron, too!
    Mine’s tight and I’m doing battle with it at present…

    Thanks again for your recent post. Regards, Eliz

    • Hi and how nice to hear from you. We are recovering. Good luck with your heron painting. I am presently doing battle with roses. Thought they would come pretty quickly. Well………..not exactly. I call is Rose hell until I either get what I want or put it aside.
      The heron was the second one I painted and that made me kind of cocky.
      love andrea

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I, too, enjoyed your post and love the heron painting! Brava!

    Hope you are staying cool in this very uncool weather;-)

    • Hi Joana,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I loved your post about where you would rather be in the summer. Totally agree.

      I just melt in this heat. Even when I am in I am much less energetic. Thanks for liking the heron. I do too. Now I AM WORKING on roses and they make the heron look easy.

      love andrea

  3. Lovely heron, Andrea. I’m glad to hear the show was productive despite not having appointments scheduled. That’s a concern of mine as I contemplate going to Atlanta in January.
    Good luck with roses. I just finished a painting of fall flowers which came out fine but not as imagined. The idea was to get the right balance of detail and fluidity. Your heron has that.

    • Hi Barbara, So nice to hear from you. Yes it was a very good show.
      We were in the right place at the right time and already have a contract.
      So don’t worry if you can’t schedule many appointments. We both thought this was a much better way to do it.
      Roses rose roses,. I’ve painted to many already but feel they are starting to come. I’ve stopped counting. Good luck with your fall flowers. Balance is it isn’t it. That’s why I just stopped painting roses even through my mind was saying more more more.Probably taking a break will gain me much more than plowing ahead.
      Thanks for the nice words about the heron. I am happy.

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