Takes two to make a peacock

I thought it would be interesting and perhaps helpful to see  how our new Peacock design came about. It is a good illustration of the process involved and how Dennis and I share the art.

A peacock is a spectacular bird and also has been very trendy in our market. So why not!

After I gathered reference I began to watercolor using my chinese brushes. I use them almost exclusively these days.

I painted the tail separately

I painted the tail separately

Just in case the tail didn’t come out right I painted it separately then added it to my bird.

I start to paint the peacock

Now I add the tail and paint the feathers

When I showed my peacock to dennis he liked everything but the tail. The design of the feathers was kind of hodgepodge. Too exacting for my way of watercoloring.

So I repainted the basic colors of the tail as well as one feather. I added the lower part of the body to the tail. Now I had a headless peacock.

And one feather

And one feather

In the meantime I had repainted the tail and where it attached to the body and the start of the neck. The original Head was still separate and then that got attached. A bit like surgery.

The new tail gets attached

We sliced off the head and I repainted the tail and the body up to where the neck began

The head got reattached and Dennis did a magnificent job of placing the feathers on the tail. We added type to the background and added blue poppies.

Dennis creates the pattern of the feathers

Dennis creates the pattern of the feathers

 Blue poppies that I had previously painted. And added type to the background.

The blue poppies

The blue poppies

Texture and color were added to the background and we both agreed that our Peacock was completed.

Finishing the background

Finishing the background

A feather in my cap
A feather in my cap- not a real one!

And one for Dennis too!


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11 responses to “Takes two to make a peacock

  1. Terry

    I found this so interesting! It’s so good to get this insight into some of your working processes. And what a team you are! Terry

  2. Norma

    Truly amazing process. I had no idea that it was put together out of separate pieces. It looks magnificent.

  3. Very interesting. How great you two work together!

  4. Gretchen Walsh

    This is very cool. I think the final product is beautiful and I loved learning how it came together! Very interesting. Thank you!

    • Thanks Gretchen
      Glad you enjoyed this
      I should have called it
      Headless Peacock
      Won’t see you at Xmas
      Have to stay home and take care if Maggie our senior cat
      She has a thyroid condition and requires special feeding and medication 3 x a day
      Sending my love

  5. Its a beautiful illustration! you and Dennis are a great team! I will call you soon!

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