The two of us

Welcome to the online world of .

Our story begins in Greenwich Village, New York City. We had been living five blocks from each other but had never met. Dennis Kendrick was a prolific and successful children’s book writer and  illustrator from Connecticut. Andrea Brooks, from Bronx, New York, that’s me, had just published her first children’s book, The Guinea Pig’s Adventure.

I had been living alone in a large loft on Bank Street when we met at a meeting of the Graphic Artists Guild . And that folks is how it all began. A month later we both knew that this was it! Two creative artists joined forces and we moved into my loft. Two years later we got married.

Over the years our careers moved in a winding path—we were freelance illustrators working in the fields of: editorial and advertising, cosmetic and food packaging, watercolor painting, cartooning, digital art and web design. Ten years later, I made the move into art licensing. Dennis followed and before long we began to team up on projects. Me, a watercolor painter and Dennis a designer.

Dennis loves  baseball and history. My loves are dance, cooking and googling. And of course being New Yorkers we love to eat out. Question: What do New Yorkers make for dinner? Answer: Reservations.

We share our love of art of all kinds and spend free time at the Amore Opera , theatre, movies, socializing and traveling. And of course there are those Yankees. Go yankees!