The new updated Everyday Dogs collection

Just before I start the “Everything you need to know about Trade Shows” post I wanted to show off Dennis’ new collection called Everyday Dogs

Dennis in a more serious moment

An early dog lover

This new collection, great for home decor products, paper goods and more,  is fresh off the drawing board.

We are celebrating with a dog biscuit party for all our canine friends in the neighborhood.

Hang this wall plaque over Dog’s favorite spot.

We envisioned Everyday Dogs as a fun line for dog products as well as people products for dog lovers.

All dogs are good when they are hungry.

Along with this fun collection for dog lovers and their canine pals we will introduce figurines of the star dogs in this collection which can be made of porcelain , plastic or plush.

Each  Everyday Dog will be known by name and have a hang tag with a brief doggy bio. They will come with their own unique dog houses or condos as they prefer their homes to be called. Another nice add on will be accessories such as leashes, collars, sweaters and and possibly hats and boots. Sorry no skinny jeans!

Share your morning coffee with your favorite Everyday Dog.

You can even have coffee in bed on an Everyday Dog tray!

And of course the dogs will have their own Everyday Dog bowls as part of the line.

And while you are breakfasting in bed relax and lean back on an Everyday Dog pillow

Of course your dog will expect you to use the Everyday Dog Salt and pepper shakers for your eggs.

So that’s it folks. All we need now is a manufacturer licensing partner for this line.

Click to follow this blog and you will be helping in this endeavor.


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2 responses to “The new updated Everyday Dogs collection

  1. Pat Lunenfeld.

    Sounds terrific… How come you never mentioned this to me… A certified dog lover? Are there photos with this or just captions?

    Sent from my iPad

  2. nice topic, nice idea – you let the dogs out 🙂

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