Sunrise Roosters the completed designs

In my last post I showed you  how I went about painting a colorful Bantam rooster. Now I can show you the final designs.

Why did we choose a square format?

Because initially we were thinking about square dessert plates; or paper tableware, or wall placques and graphics.

As we get interest from manufacturers of other products  we can reformat the designs to work on their products.

Initially it helps to have one or two products in mind. That gives a focus for you to work with when creating.

Voilà here are the four Sunrise Roosters.

Sunrise  Rooster Bantam


Bantam is a very colorful Bantam Rooster

Morningside Rooster

Morningside Rooster

The Morningside Rooster is a Wyandote.

The Dorky Rooster

Peck’s Rooster

Peck’s Rooster is a Dorky.

Sunny Day Rooster

Sunny Day Rooster

Sunny Day is a Black and White Bantam.

In addition to dessert plates we can see these as a set of wall graphics; trivets and coasters. As time goes by and we get feedback from our clients I am sure that we will be able to envision the Sunrise collection as numerous other products.

Our fabric client liked our roosters and asked Dennis to do a repeat pattern using the background and stamps, but not the type. Dennis is the one who can do the repeats on the computer.  He worked closely with the design director at the company and together they came up with this final design for the repeat.

Sunrise Roosters repeat design for fabric

Sunrise Roosters repeat design for fabric

I could see this as a kitchen textile in dish towels, oven mits, potholders and apron.

Would love to hear what product ideas you have.


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4 responses to “Sunrise Roosters the completed designs

  1. Martha Collins

    I love them all Andrea! Ten bucks you have them licensed before the last day of Surtex!


  2. Martha thank you. you’re on for $10. It helps so to get feedback from another artist. Now I feel totally ok.
    We’re not taking a booth this year. Decided to try other things and see how that goes. We will be coming to the show to visit all our friends.
    Will definitely pay you a visit.

  3. Terry Duenzl

    How about place mats, napkins, table runners? (A niece in Nebraska raises chickens and has a couple of roosters. ). I am so enjoying your posts!

  4. Pat Lunenfeld

    Love all the rooster doodles ….they have great personalities and the design is so pleasing

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