The post after the last post of 2013

The last post was accidentally published before I meant to. Most of the content was there.

But one thing got left out. I had said that one of my wishes for 2014 was to see more of our designs on new and diverse products. My connection with the Wish Fairy is always helpful and in this case I have let her know my wish.

The wish Fairy

The wish Fairy

She will be glad to hear yours too.

Dennis and I wish you and yours a very happy healthy  2014.


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3 responses to “The post after the last post of 2013

    • Oh so perhaps you are interested in submitting a wish to the wish fairy. She is available especially to close friends.
      She will be especially pleased if you address her as “her eminence” the Wish Fairy. A bit of vanity, but it works for both of you. Thank you so for being a follower in 2013 and we hope to have you continue to be in 2014

  1. Joanne Collier

    Thank you to you and Dennis for this totally charming post!

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