Happy Valentines

What nicer way to say thank you to our readers and followers than to send a special wish today.

You are very much appreciated and here is a special valentines for you:

A valentines for you

A valentines for you

 And a flowery botanical .

Flowery botanical

Flowery botanical

And Amore Italian style.

Amore Italian

Amore Italian

From me to you

From me to you

Have a wonderful valentines!




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7 responses to “Happy Valentines

  1. JoGitlitz@aol.com

    Andy: Very beautiful. And Happy Valentines day to you. We’re looking forward to seeing you and Dennis tomorrow. Wow. Love/Jonah

    • Boy that was fast. I haven’t even received it yet. Anyway thanks and happy to you and Sally.
      We are excited about the party and will be there with feathers on. Shall I wear my fuschia boa?
      love andy

  2. Wayne Wittig


  3. judith@gorgone.com

    lovely andrea…thanks. xo!

    • Hi Judy. I am also sending you a special girlfriends valentine which you should have received on the 14th. We went for a speedy weekend trip to DC and I didn’t get it sent so check your e mail. Much love to you and the family.

  4. Classic! Love the sparkly sleeve, too. Such panache.

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