Easter Sunday

Easter was not a religions holiday for us. We were a jewish family and Passover was our religious observance, but it was a kind of custom to celebrate Easter.

Easter morning when I was a child we always got a wonderful Easter egg .

On the outside it looked like a wonderful confection with flowers and icing. Inside was an easter scene. It was called a Spun sugar easter egg. You didn’t eat the egg but kept it for as long as you could!

Spun Sugar Easter Egg

Spun Sugar Easter Egg

My sister Pat and I always got a new Easter hat. I know I have a photo of us on the Atlantic city boardwalk wearing our new easter hats and Spring toppers but I just can’t find it. This pink bonnet is very much like what we wore.

My bonnet was like this one

My bonnet was like this one

And we always got easter baskets. Marshmallow chicks still around called Peeps. Candy eggs filled with a cream, lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs and more.

easter candy

easter candy

I could go on, …………..

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

But mainly I wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter and Spring.

Easter was

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