All ready for Surtex

We finished the last design for the Surtex Show on Saturday. It is called Amaryllis Rejoice and I wanted to show it here. Our posters are now being printed by  Mega Print who we have used for many years and highly recommend.

Andrea Brooks Studio Amaryllis Rejoice

Andrea Brooks Studio Amaryllis Rejoice

Dennis also just recently finished a new series on the theme of Paris and I will show a few pieces here. He is now working on a collection based on these pieces for Robert Kaufman . I love the entire collection so far. It would make a gorgeous quilt, dishes, trays. wall posters among others.

Andrea Brooks Studio Parisian Vase and Flowers

Andrea Brooks Studio Parisian Vase and Flowers

Parisian Parfumerie

Parisian Parfumerie

I have been making calls for the last month or more and am expecting a good turnout. The minute we finished the last design I came down with cold and am just grateful that it is happening now and not the end of this week. And although I am all painted out for now I can’t wait to get going again.

I’ll post again right after the show and let you know how it went and what happened. In the meantime enjoy the lovely weather.

Don’t forget we are in booth #614/ Come and see us.


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6 responses to “All ready for Surtex

  1. Nancy

    Andy and Dennis, this is fabulous work! Nancy and Bob

  2. Very pretty! I like both lines very much, and I wish you much success at Surtex!

  3. Norma

    These are gorgeous. They are reminiscent of 18th century botanicals.

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