Spring and Surtex

It’s time to get ready for Surtex. Which also means getting ready for spring. We’re doing our Spring cleaning, a yearly ritual, and Monday the first night of Passover my family will be here.

For Surtex,we will be sending out regular e mails with news and new work between now and the show. This is our first which will go out tomorrow am.

Our first emailer for Surtes

Our first emailer for Surtex

Mornings are the best time to send anything on line. Fridays not as good as Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.

Same goes for the appointment calls I will be making to manufacturers. I get all the information together first in a word “notebook.

Then I start my calls around 8:30 and continue till around 11:30 am.

Show appts

Show appts

This is the notebook I used to make my calls for the Atlanta gift show. I’ve just started setting up Surtex 2013 but realized that I’d better move faster with it so I can start calling this week.

I was requested to write an article in Art Buyer magazine on various aspects of trends in the art licensing market. It should be coming out in April.When it does I’ll post it on our blog.

We also decided this year to take out a full page ad in the Surtex Directory. It is important to make your self and your work very much a presence at all times, but especially before a trade show.

And of course we are both working on new designs. We have a large collection of designs and that is great. But it is very important to have enough new designs to freshen up your look and keep with trends.

With all this going on I can’t exactly say it’s relaxing, but we are so excited about the show and about seeing all our artist friends at

“Surtex Camp”.


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2 responses to “Spring and Surtex

  1. Pat Lunenfeld

    The birds are wonderful… Particularly like the 2 cardinals and the crab… Sounds like you’re ready for the show.. I know how hard you have worked to prepare for it.

    • Thank you dear Patricka. I am so glad you liked it. This is what I will be sending out via e mail tomorrow. As I said I have to start making appts tomorrow too. On to the last bird in the Bird song series. My little waxwing.

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